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Commercium is a Roman legal term for chief of private rights. It's the general rule that the law of a community was for members only and that strangers were without rights. If a foreigner had no treaty with the city entered, that foreigner could be seized and then their goods could be taken as bona vacantia (vacant goods, meaning things found without any apparent owner). Eventually a foreigner could try to appeal to the right of the nations in lieu of a treaty. The bond of commerciummeant meant that an outsider was admitted to the Roman methods of acquiring property and of contracting obligations.

At Vesper Room 2.1: Commercium Royale, the new methods for the Society shall be revealed...



Over the past year a secret society called Vesper Room was established where only the most influential international persons of interest could score an invitation. Strategic partnerships were forged, adversaries created, and objectives accomplished. However, following the tragic death of the society's founder members heard shocking news--that a powerful mercantile company named Shadowealth, whose intentions remain a mystery, procured the Vesper Room


Additionally, a top secret suitcase containing a portable W54 warhead has gone missing from a North Dakota missile site. The U.S., E.U., Russia and China will stop at nothing to prevent this suitcase from falling into the wrong hands. Classified documentation will make its way into the Vesper Room and it will be up to attendees to track down the suitcase before a global tragedy ensues!



For our A-Listers [established players or experienced role-players]

Vesper Room 2.1 will be a high-level job fair and recruiting convention masqueraded as an exclusive social club. The new event owners were retained by powerful agencies and organizations to recruit new talent, staff missions, and otherwise enter into "mutually beneficial" arrangements with society members. This backdrop will make the event high-stakes for A-Listers and will advance stories and provide resolutions like never before!

The Game Masters will employ their new card-based LARP system. The system will drive official plot and can readily achieve personal (or team) role-play outcomes. The LARP cards will be an effective means to strategize and take daring actions. As always, there will be great chemistry between the A-Listers and GMs with respect to organic plot-lines

A-Listers can also seek to track down the missing suitcase warhead and can once again assist new attendees (Persons of Interest) achieve their objectives in exchange for a GM reward.

There will no poker tournament because it's an exclusive corporate convention

For Persons of Interest [new attendees or casual role-players]

If you're a casual role-player who has attended a prior event, or a new attendee this event will be a unique opportunity to socialize within a parallel spy universe while you assume the role of a character. When you arrive you will be given an envelope with your character and personal objectives that you can potentially achieve with the assistance of A-Lister players. Plus, you too will be investigating the missing top secret suitcase and if you locate its whereabouts you can win a prize!

Persons of Interest can also participate in the LARP card system on an entry level (optional).



Sat October 4th Doors 7:00 p.m. (advanced tickets only)

MASQ 306 East 49th Street, NYC

  • A-Lister experience $25 (includes LARP card-system play + official character destiny & plot development + mystery suitcase game dossier)
  • Person of Interest experience $20 (secret envelope with character & objectives + mystery suitcase game dossier)
  • Cosplay suggestions:  this event's theme is a high-level recruiting event that is masked as a social affair, so typical '007 Cosplay' is suggested: special agent in a tux, financier in a suit, femme fatale, 'Bond Girl' evening dress, crude henchman, special ops, posh pop star, espionage dandy etc.
  • Aces & Ops drink menu + quick order food menu
  • Expect new additions and upgrades!

We will post an hour-by-hour schedule soon. We anticipate that this event will run tightly from 7:00 - 11:00.

Arriving early is highly advised to stay ahead!



(c) Aces & Operatives 2014 All Rights Reserved.