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Saturday February 28th, 2015 

  • @ Moscow 57 ( 168 1/2 Delancey Street NYC (map
  • Advance Tickets Only (booking early highly advised for superior casting, dinner, and card table reservations)
  • Doors 7:00 pm for Dinner Players (limited seating, authentic Russian Menu)
  • Doors 7:30 pm for General Admission Players

Tickets are $25, all card table (poker) spots are *Sold Out*. Dinner reservation seating is close to being fully booked as well. However, our Social Game is the main event and you can still get in for that!

We have two options left:

  1. Dinner reservation w/other players  (7:00) + Social Game (dinner/drinks price is not included with ticket, this is a player dinner reservation -- only a few spots left!)
  2. Social Game only (7:30) (floor admission, no dinner reservation)

All ticket purchasers will be included in our unique Social Game experience with their character.

Please Select One Option
Ticket Terms: with your ticket purchase you consent to being potentially photographed and filmed, and all images and video can be used by Aces & Operatives and Moscow 57 for future use. As we are a thematic event photos and video are taken for the benefit of you (our very special guests) who always put in the extra effort to look amazing!

What to expect!

  • Featuring music by: 
  • Customized spy role-play social experience for everyone (we will be running our secret-item social-exchange event called Transmission)
  • Two exclusive poker rounds for prizes with a top dealer (New Player and Senior Agent Rounds for prizes to the two winners) -- limited spots available to early ticket purchasers 
  • Special dinner game for early admission dinner guests


The year is 1978, and the world appears both bleak and glamourous. America is in an economic depression with low national moral. Over the past decade the nation has witnessed the 'flower power' dream of the late 60's disappear, Vietnam fall, a President resign, and an oil embargo. Although the Cold War has slightly thawed, the Soviet Union is still flexing its muscle around the globe. 

Locally, New York City is experiencing its own dark period of urban deterioration, as violent crime and drug trafficking rule the streets. For many, the best escape is the glitz and the glamour of the disco clubs. Word has spread that there is a secret club in Manhattan where famous socialites and persons of interest converge for music, cocktails, and information. That club is known as Studio Moscow 57.

Moscow Hustle will be a glamorous affair with fascinating characters, talented musicians, delicious Russian dishes, and surprises. Echoing back to the adventurous Roger Moore Bond films, the Studio-54 era, and the themes of 1970's dirty deals and deceit (as depicted in films such as American Hustle), be prepared for a spy time warp!

Dress Code:

Late 1970's 'Disco-Glam' era costume or formal dress code (examples: rogue agent in a tux, corrupt politician in a plaid suit, pompous dancing queen with sequins or feather boa, decadent pop star or modern artist, seedy trench coat smuggler or street hustler, sleek weapons trafficker with a fancy tie, insane taxi driver, gigolo in a white suit, 'working girl' with faux fur, heck even platforms are game!

Studio 54 at its height. From Left to right, fashion designer Halston (kissing unknown women), Bianca Jagger, Liza Minnelli and her husband, and Andy Warhol. 

Studio 54 at its height. From Left to right, fashion designer Halston (kissing unknown women), Bianca Jagger, Liza Minnelli and her husband, and Andy Warhol. 

Danger Lair is our immersive, transformative, and interactive spy role-play 'show'. You'll find yourself invited to an exclusive club set in the late 70's. For the evening we will feature *Transmission*, our unique item-exchange social experience where the items you give to others, and the items you accept from strangers will decide the fate of both your character and the entire club!

Q & A:

I'm a New Player. What should I expect?

Expect a one-of-a-kind, interactive social and entertainment experience! We'll create a character for you and give you simple (yet cunning) instructions on how to socialize -- you will have to navigate an alternative spy reality to locate the items you need, as information and top-secret items will be transmitted throughout the venue.

I was at the prior Danger Lair. Will this be the same?

No. This event's design is different. In Moscow Hustle your character will have unique motivations and face a personal issue. You will be compelled to navigate the club to locate others who can help you, or to locate those you can help. 

I'm a Senior Player and have been to many of your past events, what should I expect?

We all work great together. Appear as your character as if your character existed in glam late 70s. Or, reinvent yourself for just one-night-only. We'll devise a plan and you'll be amazing (as usual). 

Featuring musical acts by:

Ellen Kaye as 70's pop sensation Honey Blaze.

Cici James as Russian disco queen Ima Nokov.

Maria of the DODO Orechestra.

A stellar scene that captures the era...

'The' Sir Roger Moore at his finest...

                                                            As featured in.

                                                            As featured in.

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